Integrative Approach: Enhancing Email Campaigns with API Integration

AAA Food Handler provides a range of certification courses, such as Food Handler, Food Manager, and Alcohol Server Certification. With over 35 years of experience in food handling, safety, training, and management, the team at AAA Food Handler is committed to offering top-quality education and certification choices for professionals in the food and beverage industry. See how we enhanced email campaigns with API Integration.

LMS Integration Challenges: API Integration with HubSpot

Integrating a third-party LMS with HubSpot due to the lack of direct integration hindered seamless data retrieval and marketing capabilities.

Lack to Direct

Lack of Direct

The third-party LMS didn't offer direct integration with HubSpot, making it difficult to fetch contact and course sign-up data seamlessly.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

The LMS cannot send emails and requires integration to bridge this gap from LMS to HubSpot.

impact of Missing Alignment

Impact of Missing
Automated Actions

The absence of automated actions in the LMS, such as workflows, posed significant challenges. It made it difficult to remind users about course end dates and renewal dates.

API Integration Solution: Syncing LMS Data with HubSpot via Google Apps Script

Challenges were addressed by leveraging Google Apps Script and PHP functions to integrate the LMS with HubSpot.

Google Apps Script Integration

Used Google Apps Script and PHP to connect LMS with HubSpot, extracting contact details, course info, end dates, renewal dates, and custom properties from LMS into Google Spreadsheet.

Data Consolidation in Google Sheet

Successfully fetched all necessary data from the LMS and consolidated it into a Google Spreadsheet, enabling easy access and management of contact and course details.

Results Achieved Through Integration Solutions

Implemented Google Apps Script and PHP integration to streamline data flow from LMS to HubSpot, boosting marketing and engagement through targeted emails and automated course reminders.


Streamlined Data Flow

By implementing the Google Apps Script and PHP integration, Arissa India successfully established a streamlined data flow from the LMS to HubSpot via a Google Spreadsheet, overcoming the initial challenges of lack of direct integration.


Improved Marketing Capability

With contact details now accessible in HubSpot via the Google Spreadsheet integration, Arissa India gained enhanced marketing capabilities, enabling targeted email campaigns and communication with signed-up contacts.


Enhanced User Engagement

The integration facilitated automated reminders for users about course end dates and renewal dates, leading to improved user engagement and retention within the platform.


Client Testimonial

“Arissa’s API integration solutions have transformed our email campaigns by streamlining data management, improving accuracy, and enhancing campaign efficiency. We highly recommend their services for optimizing email marketing efforts.”



Arissa India enhanced AAA’s email campaigns through seamless API integration via Google Apps Script and PHP, boosting engagement and retention.

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