How Arissa’s Content Optimization Solutions Enhanced Visibility in Six Months

Pilotbird provides lifestyle analytics services to streamline the claims process, reduce false positives, and combat insurance fraud. It empowers Life, Health and insurance teams to score risk better and detect ineligible claims by analyzing social data points. See how our strategic Content Optimization solutions enhanced the visibility and traffic in just six months.

Challenges Faced

The existing website faced challenges regarding user engagement and conversion rates. These challenges included unresponsive pages and limited conversion opportunities, which resulted in lower efficiency and conversion rates.

SEO Issues


The website faced several SEO issues, from missing meta tags to slow page loading times, which reduced its visibility and user engagement.

website issues


Users experienced difficulty browsing on mobile devices, which impacted visibility and engagement.

Content Optimization


The website content needed higher trending keywords that impacted user engagement and low organic traffic.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation and

The absence of landing page contact forms caused a significant impact on lower conversion rates as it reduced opportunities for enhanced communication.


Analytics and
Performance Monitoring

The website encountered obstacles in achieving its business objectives due to challenges in analytics and performance monitoring.

Solutions Implemented with Content Optimization

To effectively tackle these challenges, we developed a comprehensive content optimization solution, ensuring a significant boost in conversion rates and organic traffic to the current website.

SEO Optimization

We addressed the SEO concerns carefully, performed on-page SEO, and added responsive pages to enhance visibility and user engagement.

Website Optimization

We enhanced the user interface, improving the website's mobile responsiveness, visibility, and engagement.

Content Optimization

Incorporating personalized content with trending keywords in a blog enhanced organic website traffic.

Improved Lead Generation and Conversion

By optimizing pages, forms, landing pages, and content, we significantly enhanced conversion rates.

Analytics and Performance Monitoring

By meticulously incorporating analytics and performance monitoring features, we helped them set the right objectives based on the business's end goal, thereby increasing conversions.

Results Achieved

Implementing and performing the suggested content optimization solutions significantly improved visibility and website traffic. This also enhanced Pilotbird’s lead management and sales process, with increased conversion rates.

added Responsve

Added Responsive Pages

Adding responsive pages to the website improved user engagement and mobile traffic, leading to more successful online visibility.

enhanced user

Enhanced User Interface

We improved the mobile user interface, which enhanced user engagement.

Effected file

Efficient Content Updates

Meticulously curated content with trending keywords was added as blogs.

Enhanced Conversions

Enhanced Conversions

We significantly increased lead conversion rates by optimizing landing pages using trending keywords and relevant calls-to-action (CTAs).

Advanced analysis

Advanced Analytics and Performance Monitoring

We implemented thorough conversion tracking with Google Tag Manager, strategically locating all necessary code snippets to capture essential data points. This enabled effective monitoring and analysis of performance metrics, supporting informed decision-making and ongoing optimization efforts.


Client Testimonial

“Arissa India provided customized content optimization solutions that enhanced our visibility and user engagement and eliminated communication barriers. The new pages not only look great but also drive results. It’s been a game-changer for our marketing efforts!”



Pilotbird’s collaboration with Arissa India addressed the client’s challenges in content optimization, positioning Pilotbird for sustained growth and success in the competitive insurance analytics market.