Seamless Integration: Journey from Figma to HubSpot CMS With Arissa India

FLiiP is a fitness management platform designed to help gym owners run their businesses efficiently. By enhancing member experience and streamlining operations, FLiiP empowers gym owners to create thriving fitness communities. See how the transition from Figma to HubSpot helped FLiip to streamline operations and boost engagement.

Figma to HubSpot Transition: Challenges Faced

The shift from Figma to HubSpot CMS posed challenges as it aimed to streamline operations and enhance user engagement. We, the team of Arissa India, acknowledged the requirement to make this transition entirely smooth and overcome the hurdles.

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While the website's engaging designs were created in Figma, translating them into a functional website using HubSpot CMS was challenging.

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Ensuring consistency across various landing pages while allowing customization based on specific page requirements posed a significant challenge.

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The website required custom forms integrated seamlessly into the website to capture leads and customer information effectively.

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Integrating the brand colors into the form design was essential for maintaining brand identity and visual consistency.

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The website also needed user-friendly and efficient forms created to facilitate lead generation and customer engagement.

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Robust reporting capabilities were also needed to effectively track and analyze user interactions, leads, and conversion rates.

Solution Implemented for Figma to HubSpot Integration

Arissa India provided tailored solutions to enhance the digital presence and user experience:

Multi-language Pages

Arissa India implemented multi-language support on the website to accommodate users from different regions.

Design Translation

Leveraging the designs provided in Figma, Arissa India successfully transformed these designs into fully functional and responsive web pages using HubSpot CMS.

Template Customization

Arissa India customized templates to meet the specific requirements of each landing page while maintaining brand consistency throughout the website.

Mobile Responsive Form Creation

Arissa India ensured that all developed pages and forms were mobile-responsive, guaranteeing a consistent and user-friendly experience across various devices.

Color Integration

Arissa India incorporated brand colors into the form design, ensuring a visually appealing and cohesive user experience.

Reporting Setup

Arissa India implemented robust reporting mechanisms within HubSpot, enabling it to track and analyze user interactions, leads, and conversion rates effectively.

Figma to HubSpot: Results Achieved

The collaborative efforts between FLiiP and Arissa India yielded significant results, transforming their digital presence and driving tangible outcomes:

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Enhanced Online Presence

The website now boasts a cohesive and professional online presence, with visually appealing landing pages seamlessly integrating Figma to HubSpot CMS.

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Improved User Experience

By translating designs in Figma to HubSpot CMS, the website now offers a seamless and responsive user experience across all devices.

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Consistent Branding

Template customization and color integration efforts have ensured consistent branding across all landing pages, reinforcing the brand identity.

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Efficient Lead Capture

Customized forms and intuitive form design have facilitated efficient lead capture and improved customer engagement.

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Data-driven Insights

The robust reporting capabilities can now effectively track and analyze user interactions, leads, and conversion rates, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimization strategies.


Client Testimonial

“Arissa India seamlessly integrated our designs from Figma to HubSpot CMS, transforming our online presence. Professional, efficient, and highly recommended!”



Being a certified HubSpot solutions partner, Arissa India’s expertise in design translation from Figma to HubSpot CMS and integration has transformed its online presence, enhanced user experience, and achieved measurable lead generation and customer engagement results.