Dominate the SERPs: SalesLeap's 85% Surge in Organic Traffic with HubSpot Marketing Services.

SalesLeap is a dynamic sales growth company that empowers business leaders to scale outbound B2B sales teams. Their comprehensive approach includes coaching, online sales training, and sales and marketing services specifically tailored to service or software companies, whether venture-funded or bootstrapped. Learn how HubSpot marketing services attract organic traffic to the website.

HubSpot Marketing Aid: Challenges Faced

SalesLeap needed some help optimizing the online visibility and website performance, which hindered the ability to reach potential clients effectively. We addressed some challenges like:

technology (1) 1


Inconsistent implementation of hreflang links leading to language targeting issues.

loading 1

Resource Loading

Poor loading of page resources such as images and CSS stylesheets, affecting user experience and search engine indexing.

automation 2


Incorrect configuration of robots.txt file resulting in unintended pages being blocked from search engine crawlers.

broken-link 1


Broken external and internal links hampering navigation and authority flow.

content 2

Duplicate Content

Issues with duplicate content, title tags, and meta descriptions diluted the website's search relevance.

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Insufficient word count on pages impacting content quality and search visibility.

connection 1

Canonical Links

Missing or misconfigured canonical links affect content indexing and duplication issues.

financial-reporting 1

Image Optimization

Absence of proper image optimization, including alt text attributes and aspect ratio.

tag 1

HTML Tags Non-

Non-compliance with essential HTML tags, such as viewport, lang, and H1, impacts user experience and search engine interpretation.

HubSpot Marketing Services Solution Implemented

Arissa India undertook a comprehensive approach to address several website SEO issues. Leveraging HubSpot Marketing services and our expertise in search engine optimization, Arissa India devised and executed a meticulous plan to rectify each issue methodically. The solutions implemented included:

SEO Audit

hreflang Audit

Resource Optimization

robots.txt Adjustments

Broken Links Fix

Content Optimization

Content Depth Enhancement

Canonical Links Setup

Image Optimization

HTML Tags Implementation

Results Achieved with HubSpot Marketing Services

Implementing Arissa India’s HubSpot Marketing Services solutions improved the online visibility and search engine performance. The results achieved included:

Group 3523

Improved Rankings

Enhanced search engine rankings and visibility due to improved technical SEO implementation.

monitoring 1

Increased Traffic

Increased organic traffic and engagement resulting from enhanced user experience and content quality.

content-management 2

Reduced Bounce Rates

Reduced bounce and improved conversion rates are attributed to better website functionality and optimized content.

days 1

Enhanced International Reach

Enhanced international targeting and reach through properly implementing hreflang tags.

files 2

Improved Authority

Improved website authority and credibility by resolving broken links and duplicate content issues.

secure-data 1

Enhanced Security

Strengthened website security and compliance with search engine guidelines by adopting best practices.

tag 2

Improved Accessibility

Enhanced accessibility and usability for users and search engines through proper HTML tag implementation.

employee 1

Overall Improvement

Overall improvement in online presence and brand perception, leading to increased trust and credibility among target audiences.


Client Testimonial

Arissa India transformed our online presence. Their expertise in HubSpot Marketing Services propelled our growth beyond expectations. They are highly recommended for digital marketing solutions!



Being a certified HubSpot solutions partner, Arissa India’s strategic approach to resolving SEO errors resulted in tangible improvements in online performance and visibility, ultimately contributing to the company’s growth and success in the competitive B2B sales industry.