How HubSpot Mobile Optimization Helped to Overcome Mobile View Challenges with Precision

SalesLeap is a prominent sales growth company that empowers business leaders to scale their outbound B2B sales teams. Focusing on coaching, online sales training, and sales and marketing services, SalesLeap caters to venture-funded and bootstrapped service or software companies, optimizing their sales operations. Learn how Arissa India assisted SalesLeap with HubSpot Mobile Optimization.

HubSpot Mobile Adaptability; Challenges Faced

The present website had some mobile view and responsiveness issues and needed help resolving these issues. SalesLeap addressed some alignment issues and functional shortcomings, which had impacted the user experience and potentially affected conversion rates.

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The website suffered from alignment inconsistencies across various devices, leading to a disjointed and unprofessional appearance.

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Social Media Icons

Users could not view Instagram and Facebook logos, impacting the website's social media integration and brand visibility.

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Fixed Form and Overlapping Content

A fixed form and overlapping content elements disrupted the website's flow and impeded user interaction.

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Extra spaces on specific pages, such as the 'Meet' page, detracted from the website's visual appeal and professionalism.

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Slow Image

Poor image optimization resulted in slow page loading times, contributing to a subpar user experience and potentially increasing bounce rates.

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The video content overlapped with other elements on the webpage, causing visual clutter and reducing content accessibility.

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The call-to-action (CTA) buttons were not clickable, preventing users from taking desired actions and potentially leading to missed conversion opportunities.

HubSpot Mobile Responsiveness; Solution Implemented

Arissa India implemented a comprehensive solution tailored to enhance the mobile view and responsiveness with HubSpot Mobile Adaptability.

Alignment Optimization

The alignment issues were resolved through meticulous CSS and layout configuration adjustments, ensuring consistency across devices and screen sizes.

Integration of Social Media Icons

The missing Instagram and Facebook logos were seamlessly integrated into the website's design, enhancing social media visibility and engagement opportunities.

Dynamic Form Design

The fixed form was replaced with a dynamic design, which allowed for smoother user interaction and eliminated content overlap.

Space Optimization

Excess spaces on critical pages were removed, optimizing the layout for improved visual appeal and user engagement.

Image Optimization

Rigorous image optimization techniques were employed to enhance page loading speed, resulting in a faster and more responsive website experience.

Video Content Adjustment

The video content was repositioned and resized to prevent overlapping with other elements, ensuring clear visibility and accessibility.

Clickable CTAs

The call-to-action buttons were made clickable, enabling users to easily navigate and engage with the desired actions.

Brand Color CTA

The color scheme of the CTAs was updated to align with the brand's aesthetics, enhancing brand recognition and consistency across the website.

Results Achieved with HubSpot Mobile Adaption

Implementing these solutions and HubSpot Mobile Responsiveness strategies significantly improved the present website’s mobile view and responsiveness.

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Enhanced User Experience

HubSpot Mobile Optimization strategies led to a more seamless and enjoyable user experience, increasing engagement and extended site visits.

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Improved Conversion Rates

Resolving issues such as non-clickable CTAs and form fixes significantly improved conversion rates, translating into increased leads and sales opportunities.

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Enhanced Brand Visibility

Integrating social media icons and consistent branding elements improved the brand's visibility across digital platforms, fostering greater brand awareness and recognition.

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Faster Page Loading Times

We Added page loading speed by optimizing image files and improving website performance. Page loading times were significantly reduced, leading to lower bounce rates and higher search engine rankings.


Client Testimonial

Arissa India flawlessly transformed our website’s mobile experience, boosting engagement and conversions. Exceptional service, highly satisfied!



The collaboration with Arissa India to address mobile view and responsiveness challenges resulted in a more polished, user-friendly website that effectively showcased the brand and offerings, ultimately driving business growth and success.