How Arissa India Enhanced Organic Traffic Hassle-Free with HubSpot On-Page SEO

Pilotbird provides lifestyle analytics services to streamline the claims process, reduce false positives, and combat insurance fraud. Their tools assist insurers in identifying risks, determining policy prices, and accurately detecting fraudulent claims. By utilizing Pilotbird, you can effectively safeguard your operations and the interests of policyholders. Find out how we boosted organic traffic by using HubSpot On-Page SEO.

HubSpot On-Site SEO: Challenges Faced

Pilotbird needed help addressing issues, like broken pages and links, that reduced website traffic and potentially affected conversion rates.

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The website had several accessibility issues, including inaccessible images, incorrect language settings, and auto-refreshing, which made it difficult for users to use.

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Crawling and

Poor indexing, broken links and pages, and missing language codes negatively impacted the website's visibility.

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Users encountered issues browsing on mobile, resulting in lower website traffic.

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The website required improved SEO to enhance visibility, user experience, targeted trafficking, and conversions.

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Besides the above, the website had severe performance issues, causing long page loading times that affected convenience and usability.

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Before the above, the website experienced severe security issues, resulting in mixed content warnings or blocked resources.

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The website's poor user experience was caused by broken links, slow page loading, and inconsistent image aspect ratios.

HubSpot On-Page SEO Solutions Implemented

To address the challenges effectively, Arissa India crafted a customized HubSpot On-page SEO solution to boost brand visibility and drive organic traffic.

Alignment Optimization

We implemented an accessibility overhaul by adding descriptive alt text to images, lazy loading, setting the correct language settings, and turning off auto-refresh features to improve website usability and accessibility.

Optimized Crawling and Indexing

We improved site structure and canonicalization to allow search engine bots to crawl and index more efficiently, resulting in greater website visibility in SERPs.

Enhanced Mobile Experience

We enhanced mobile responsiveness through meticulous adjustments to adapt seamlessly to different types of devices.

On-Page SEO

Meticulously curated a HubSpot On-Page SEO strategy to enhance visibility, improve user experience, and drive traffic by optimizing the content length, titles, and meta descriptions.

Enhanced Performance

To improve website performance, we leveraged CSS scripts to optimize page loading time and aspect ratios. This approach has resulted in a noticeable enhancement in the website's overall performance, delivering a smoother and more seamless user experience.

Enhanced User Experience

We optimized the page loading speed and fixed broken links to enhance the user experience and website navigation.

HubSpot On-Page SEO Results Achieved

Implementing the suggested HubSpot On-Page SEO solution has resulted in noteworthy visibility and website traffic enhancements. The conversion rates reflected these improvements, indicating that the suggested solutions successfully achieved the intended goals.

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Site Verification Files

Implemented site verification files for accurate indexing and visibility across search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)

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H1 Tag Recommendation and Implementations

Strategically incorporating relevant keywords in H1 tags optimized vital landing pages for search engines and users.

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Alt Tag Recommendation and Implementations

Alt tags were added to website images for improved accessibility and SEO.

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Keyword Mapping

Created a customized keyword map for the client's target audience and products to optimize content for better search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.

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Meta Description Recommendation

Provided custom meta descriptions for each webpage, resulting in concise yet compelling summaries that increased click-through rates from search results.

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Backlinks Analysis

Analyzing and building backlinks boosted the website's credibility and authority with search engines.

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SEO Analysis and Implementations

Analyzed website's SEO improved visibility, relevance, and user experience through strategic HubSpot On-Page SEO optimizations.

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SEO Traffic Analysis and Implementations:

Analyzed website traffic data to assess the impact of SEO optimizations, identifying trends, patterns, and areas for further improvement. We also implemented ongoing strategies to drive targeted traffic and increase conversions.


Client Testimonial

Arissa India’s HubSpot On-Page SEO solutions significantly improved our website’s visibility and organic traffic. Their tailored approach fixed errors, enhanced user experience, and increased conversions. I highly recommend them!



The collaboration with Arissa India, a certified HubSpot solutions partner, significantly improved online visibility, search engine rankings, organic traffic, and overall digital marketing performance by implementing effective HubSpot On-Page SEO strategies.