Efficient HubSpot to Mautic Integration for Maximum Savings and Efficiency

AAA Food Handler offers a variety of certification courses, including Food Handler, Food Manager, and Alcohol Server Certification. With over 35 years of experience in food handling, safety, training, and management, the team at AAA Food Handler is dedicated to providing high-quality education and certification options for professionals in the food and beverage industry. Explore how Arissa India brought down the cost of email marketing in Hubspot for AAA food handler via HubSpot to Mautic integration.

Solving Budget Challenges: HubSpot to Mautic

Sending emails to 170,000 contacts via HubSpot costs $5,010 monthly, necessitating a more cost-effective solution.

Efficient Integration Strategies from HubSpot to Mautic

Efficiently transitioning from HubSpot to Mautic posed significant challenges that were addressed through strategic solutions.

Cost Reduction

Implemented Mautic with Amazon SES, reducing email marketing costs by over 99.66% compared to HubSpot.

Data Synchronization

Ensured seamless synchronization of contact data (first name, last name, email address, and custom properties) between HubSpot and Mautic.

Workflow and Template Migration

Transferred and optimized existing workflows and email templates from HubSpot to Mautic to maintain operational continuity and brand consistency.

Results Achieved through Mautic and Amazon SES Integration

Implemented Mautic with Amazon SES, achieved substantial cost reductions in email marketing expenses, ensured seamless data synchronization, and enhanced operational efficiency through streamlined workflows and templates.

Cost Savings

Achieved substantial cost reduction, with monthly expenses reduced to approximately $17 using Amazon SES.

Data Integrity

Ensured accurate and continuous synchronization of data between platforms, facilitating smooth operations.

Operational Efficiency

Successfully migrated workflows and templates, ensuring uninterrupted marketing activities and maximizing productivity.


Client Testimonial

Arissa India’s integration of Mautic with Amazon SES revolutionized our email marketing efficiency. They slashed costs by over 99%, seamlessly synced our data, and ensured our workflows were optimized for maximum productivity. Thanks to their expertise, we’re achieving significant savings while maintaining operational continuity”



At Arissa, we’ve effectively tackled the challenges of transitioning from HubSpot to Mautic, reducing email marketing costs by over 99.66% through strategic integration with Amazon SES. Our seamless data synchronization and optimized workflows ensure operational continuity and significant savings, with monthly expenses slashed to approximately $17.