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What is Author Authority & Why It’s Important To Have Authoritativeness on Your Blog?​

What is Author Authority & Why It’s Important To Have Authoritativeness on Your Blog?​

What is Author Authority & Why It’s Important To Have Authoritativeness on Your Blog?

Does your blog, which you have posted on your website have author authority?

Why should a customer visit your blog for information or purchase from your company if it is not authoritative and trustworthy?

Did you know that the authoritativeness of your blog posts affects how your audience perceives your brand and how much traffic your site receives from Google?

Authoritativeness is a term that refers to the authority that a single author has established on the internet for a specific topic. Authors who publish on a website gain authority, which they can use when publishing on other platforms.

What Exactly is Author Authority?


Authoritativeness is defined as an author’s reputation for a specific topic. When you want people to trust you, your reputation is essential.

Most people use search engines to solve problems in their daily lives, and they frequently visit content created by “expert” writers.

People prefer hearing from experts, whether it’s an instruction on how to put a piece of furniture together, a travel or shopping recommendation, a blog about living a healthy life, or a simple digital marketing guide.

One of the many reasons some articles receive more engagement than others is the author’s reputation.

The Significance of Author Authority

However, the author’s reputation may not appear critical in the age of SEO, but it still matters.

Imagine having low engagement and conversion despite being highly visible. Yes, author rank is even more critical in a competitive field.

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Here are some additional reasons why an author’s reputation is critical:

Author Authority as an Evolving Concept

The increase of fake news in recent years has shed new light on the concept of authorship, and authoritativeness has evolved since Google’s Agent Rank patents were first filed in 2005.

Google removed authorship as a ranking factor after removing authorship markup in 2014. However, the company’s ongoing promotion of E-A-T — expertise, authority, and trustworthiness — suggests authority’s role in raking has not vanished.

Let’s see how it matters when pleasing Google algorithms.

Why Is Author Authority Important in Blogging?​

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Author Authority directly impacts consumer perceptions of your brand and business. It can also affect the number of visitors to your business website, either positively or negatively. Here are three primary reasons why author authority is essential for your business blog:

1. Establishes Brand Trust

Which of the following sources of medical information do you prefer?

A blog post on a company website that lacks the author’s name and biography; or

A blog post written by a doctor includes a detailed bio explaining their credentials, skills, and years of experience on the post’s subject.

Most people would opt for the latter, which is why credibility is essential in blogging.

That way, you can be confident that the content you create for your blog is relevant, meaningful, and valuable to your intended audience.

2. Aids in Recognition of You and Your Brand as Influencers

When writing a blog for your business, would you rather link a reputable, well-known source with a good reputation or an unknown, low-quality source?

If you chose the latter, you are already aware of the importance of authority.

Other influential websites written by authoritative creators will want to link to your content if you have a reputation for being authoritative. As a result, your reputation will grow, and you will be recognized as a credible source with significant online authority.

3. Drives More Search Traffic to Your Company’s Website

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Remember that Google’s search algorithm is built on hundreds of criteria influencing ranking search results. Authoritativeness, however, deserves careful consideration in your content marketing strategy.

When you are regarded as an authority on a particular subject, you naturally begin gaining more links.

These links will drive more referral traffic to your website. As a result, your position on search engine results pages (SERPs) will steadily rise.

You can expect your target audience to return for more content once they realize how authoritative you have become.

What Is the Best Way to Communicate Author Authority to Search Engines?​

There are three critical components for effectively communicating Author Authority.

The About page is central to everything. As the author’s primary resource, it is linked to all the author’s articles and social media profiles.

Author authority has a direct impact on your brand’s reputation and influence, so it should be a top priority for your company’s website.

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